Suitcase Full of Dimes started out as a music podcast that featured ten songs each episode. I had far more time to focus on a regular podcast back then. Not so much now. You can still find old episodes at http://suitcasefullofdimes.blogspot.com.

This music blog evolved out of the enjoyment of creating that podcast, creating short music quizzes for Adam Waltemire’s Pop Garden Radio, and my love of all things trivia.

Each week will feature two posts.

On Sunday’s, we’ll feature a Lyric of the Week—a song that has a nice storyline, clever turn-of-phrase, or is just plain fun to sing along to.

On Wednesday’s, we’ll have The Nickel Quiz—a weekly music quiz consisting of five questions or lyrics (or whatever else we may dream up). It’ll always be five, though. Hence, the “nickel.”

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A site for lovers of great lyrics; formerly a music podcast.