Lyric of the Week: Brink (Splitsville)

Lyric of the WeekFor the remainder of this year, I’m focusing on some of my all-time favorite lyrics. Splitsville is one of favorite bands that you probably have never heard of. Which is a shame because the band produced some amazing power pop songs while they were together.

Enjoy Brink by Splitsville (from 2003’s Incorporated).

I’ll get there late, don’t get me wrong
I like your band, but hate your songs
The parts that suck are obvious
Need I explain them to you

You’re always on the brink
Of something I can’t take
It’s everything you want

Straight from our van onto the stage
Where we will dance the night away
If you are not about to rock
Then we will not salute you

It almost makes you think
There’s something wrong with fate
If everything you want
Is stuck here on de… lay

It’s never a big deal
And that’s your big mistake
Don’t get me, don’t get me wrong
Don’t get me wrong

You’re always on the brink
Of something too half-baked
It’s everything you want
But nothing we can’t… fake

It’s never a big deal
It’s everything I hate
Don’t get me, don’t get me,
Don’t get me wrong.

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