The Nickel Quiz #26: Rhyme Time

The Nickel Quiz

In this week’s Nickel Quiz, we’re getting our rhyme on! Each song’s title will contain two words that rhyme. The year that each song was released is listed after the lyric as an extra clue. And, as usual, scoring is on the honor system (no Binging or Googling):

  • Correct Artist: 1 point
  • Correct Song Title: 1 point
  • Maximum Score: 10 points

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  1. Electrical banana is gonna be a sudden craze. (1966)
  2. I saw her walking on down the line, you know I saw her for the very first time. (1966)
  3. Living, like a princess with a frown; Giving, I can’t afford a crown. (1976)
  4. I don’t need to see anymore to know that I can read your mind. (1982)
  5. You can tell your Ma, I moved to Arkansas. (1992)

[Difficulty: ♫♫♫  /  You’ll need more than luck, Chuck!]

Answers to The Nickel Quiz #25: Mystery Artist I:

  1. “Taxi” (Harry Chapin)
  2. “W.O.L.D.” (Harry Chapin)
  3. “Cat’s In The Cradle” (Harry Chapin)
  4. “Dance Band On The Titanic” (Harry Chapin)
  5. “Sequel” (Harry Chapin)