The Nickel Quiz #25: Mystery Artist I

The Nickel Quiz: Mystery ArtistThis week, all the lyrics in The Nickel Quiz are by a single artist. We’re keeping the name of this artist a secret. If you can determine just one song’s original artist, that’s an automatic five points. Well, actually it’s six points. The year each song was released has been included in parenthesis as a bonus clue.

As usual, scoring is on the honor system (do not Ask Jeeves):

  • Mystery Artist: 5 points
  • Correct Song Title: 1 point
  • Maximum Score: 10 points

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  1. She took off to find the footlights; I took off for the sky. (1972)
  2. The bright good morning voice who’s heard but never seen, feeling all of 45 going on 15. (1974)
  3. Little boy blue and the man in the moon. (1974)
  4. I was strummin’ in the middle with this dude on the fiddle and we were three days out from land. (1977)
  5. Ten years ago, it was the front seat, drivin’ stoned and feelin’ no pain. (1980)

[Difficulty: ♫♫  /  Where would you like to go?]

Answers to The Nickel Quiz #24: Get On With It:

  1. “Get Back” (The Beatles)
  2. “Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car” (Billy Ocean)
  3. “Get On Your Feet” (Gloria Estefan)
  4. “Get Over It” (The Eagles)
  5. “Get On Your Boots” (U2)

One thought on “The Nickel Quiz #25: Mystery Artist I”

  1. One of the best storytellers in song, Harry Chapin, of course. I sam singing the songs in my head but I don’t always remember the actual titles. Like the taxi driver songs (1 and 5), But I do know WOLD and Cat’s int he Cradle. #4 is the only one I can’t ID.

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